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Woodall Tree

Near a rest for weary travellers, hemmed in by acres of tarmac and a miasma of fumes, grows a tree whose existence might only be appreciated when it is no longer there.

What3WordsOS Grid RefGPS
///richest.endearing.ounceSK 47882 8004553.3151693, -1.2827701

Hi Woodall
Just wanted to say thanks. What a bargain!

Clean water 3.99
View softener 0.99
Green hue 0.99
Cool shade 2.99
Bird perch 1.99
Wind shelter 0.99
Rain umbrella 2.99
Bee food 1.99
Carbon absorber 3.99
Flood prevent 2.99
Kindling 1.99
Pollution control 1.49
Wood staves 2.99
Air to breath (multi-pack saving) 5.99
TOTAL £36.36


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