Thief Tree

You already do so much for so many, but can I ask you for a special favour?

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Dear Thief Tree

You don’t know me, but I’ve passed you by a few times on foot or bike. I hope you may forgive me for being so bold because I have a favour to ask.

There is someone that I care for very much who lives nearby. They would be shocked if they knew I’ve asked this of you, especially as you and I might be considered strangers. It is just that I live far away and cannot afford to visit as often as I’d like.

York is a wonderful place and I’m pleased that they have made a new home for themselves here, just outside the city walls. This street has a macabre past, connecting the city gaol with the gallows on Garrow Hill, bearing witness to the tortuous last moments of murderers, rapists, and thieves. I’m sure that’s why York is now one of the safest cities in Britain!

So, it’s not that I fear for my loved one’s safety, nor that I seek any clandestine observations of their movements and habits. It’s simply because I care for them so much, I would appreciate any love that you could share with them on my behalf.

They don’t own a car or bike so you will see them walk past every day, perhaps many times to and fro. Early in the morning they may be a little bleary-eyed as they shuffle towards a lecture whose formulae will stretch their mind almost to breaking point. After dark, they may stride boldly with a spring in their step as they make their way to meet with friends. Often their eyes may be fixed on their phone rather than on the way ahead, their ears clad in noise-cancelling headphones.

On days when the cold east wind is funnelled into the lane, or when the rain soaks to their skin as they struggle home with bulk purchases of milk and pasta, might you offer them a temporary refuge? When they wait for a friend in the midday sun, might you cast them a little shade to protect their pale skin?

Just knowing that I can share my love through you, brings my heart closer to them and lessens the pain of separation.

Thank you.



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