Tree Letters is a project of writer Gabriel Hemery. Over the course of a year Gabriel is visiting trees throughout the UK and writing a personal letter to the tree and place. He will leave it behind in a letter capsule where it will wait to be discovered. A unique password attached to the capsule will allow the tree letter hunter to contribute their own letter to the tree and place.

Ultimately the letters may be published in a book. Contributors will be contacted individually by the author to ask permission for inclusion in any publication. Selected Contributors can choose whether they would prefer to be identified as First Name and Surname Initial (e.g. Gabriel H) or remain completely anonymous (i.e. Anon).

Trees stand the trials of time like no other living entity. They outlive us, shelter us, console us, inspire us, and are often witness to life’s special moments. These are the stories that Gabriel seeks to gather and share in a leaf-littered literary celebration of the tree.

Tender a Letter

You may take part in this project in two ways. Either find a tree featured in one of Gabriel’s letters (see also Locations), or tender your own.

To tender your own letter, please use the special form on the Tender page.

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Contact the Author

If you want to contact the author with a question about the Tree Letters project you can contact him here (link opens in new window).